In the true spirit of what it means to be a “good neighbor”, 3 different donors contributed beds and furniture for Good Neighbors Group to rehome with a local mom and three kids starting over. They have been referred to HOPE for All, but some items became available that are not on HOPE’s list. There were so many moving pieces to connect, but it FINALLY worked out.


We are so grateful for the donors’ patience as logistics were coordinated. After several failed transportation plans, Good Neighbors employed the famous GNG Leapfrog Maneuver (™ pending)

  • One GN picked up a twin bed and dropped it at another’s
  • That person borrowed a trailer for their pickup truck and transported items from 2 more people, then delivered everything to the family we’re helping. 

This week’s puzzle if you’re following along…5 families (+2 people working out logistics) to help one. 

As we refine our system to divert more waste and keep usable items local and out of the landfill, we see the need for 

  • more timely collection and delivery
  • And a deeper understanding and commitment overall to reducing waste of appreciated items and helping those around us who are SO grateful.

Thank you to everyone who helped and who tried to help this week and every week. 

An additional thank you goes out to the Realtor Groups for sharing our information about local family needs. 


The GNs who delivered the furniture helped assemble the beds in the dark with the use of phone flashlights. The next day they felt compelled to provide lamps, putting out a call to their neighbors and delivering four lamps that day. (Mom says: Yes they’re working great, I love them.)

Sharing that the family is using two plastic plates for four people, meaning they can’t eat at the same time, and they’re using plasticware from takeout restaurants made us want to do even more. Currently plates and flatware are being collected for this family.

If you would like to do more to help individual families in our local community, we’d love your help.

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