How We Began

Good Neighbors Group, now a 501c3, came together initially in 2006 through conversations among three women about both the need and abundance in their community.

What We Do

Good Neighbors Group connects people through grass roots, charitable activities to strengthen our community and improve our environment. We research opportunities for individuals and groups to volunteer. One person can make a difference.

Where We’re Going

Good Neighbors Group envisions being a resource for community engagement,
service opportunities and environmental information to help build a thoughtful community
that relies on its neighbors and enlists energy from local people for support and

Founder, Julie Shay, and Lucy, load the car with goods that are going to help community members in need.

Board of Directors

  • Julie Shay, President
  • Carole Baker, Secretary
  • Donna Morris, Treasurer
  • Susan Gumula
  • Vanessa Bright
  • Chris Myers
  • Joann Price
  • Elaine Reed
  • Mike Vakas

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

William James | Philosopher, Psychologist

Our Mission

Good Neighbors Group strengthens communities by sharing opportunities that have a positive social and environmental impact.

We're Social

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