Donations Before Dumpsters (DBD)

Most people don’t want to spend time and energy navigating ways to re-home or recycle the things they no longer need, so we’ve made DBD to help.

First: See if items you’re looking to re-home are listed here. What you no longer need can often help another person or group. 


If you think no one can use what you’re disposing of, check out disposal options here. How do you avoid adding bulk or harmful things to the waste stream? We try to make it as easy as possible.

Next: If you didn’t find your item listed, here are useful groups for giving away items: Craigslist Free section (located within “For Sale by Owner”), Nextdoor, Buy Nothing Project (requires Facebook), Trash Nothing, your neighborhood

** tips for reducing no-shows: 

  1. establish a rapport with the people who respond. Exchange an email or two before you give out the pick up address. Try to hone in on a pick up window.
  2. When possible, leave the item where it won’t be exposed to bad weather, won’t make your house look unsightly, and won’t be a big inconvenience to you and those you live with. 

Still need help? Contact us.

Ways to avoid acquiring waste:

  • If it’s a short-term need, can you borrow rather than buy?
  • Choose items with less foam or plastic packaging
  • Can what you have be repaired or repurposed?
  • Don’t be afraid to refuse items, such as free giveaways
  • When considering a new purchase, can the item be repaired when needed? 
  • Will someone else be able to use it when you don’t need it anymore?

 At GNG we’re working on ways to capture donated items when time is short by working through issues of storage and transportation when time is short for donors. If you have resources to help with these logistics, let us know

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