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Support Basic Needs For People In Guatemala

We are excited to say we just received the box of beautiful items from Ellen Finn’s shopping trip to the women’s co-op in Guatemala.

You Do Make a Difference!

I have to admit I have been wallowing a bit in negativity about the state of things socially, politically, and of course “infectiously”.

Your Accomplishments! November 2019

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Thanksgiving baskets for local families! We gave 20 local families a grocery gift card and a generous bag of food so they can prepare and share Thanksgiving Dinner with loved ones.

One Person’s Trash Is Other People’s Nesting Trunks | Good Neighbors Group

One Person’s Trash Is Other People’s Nesting Trunks

A couple of weeks ago someone gave me a bunch of items they no longer wanted, knowing that I could find homes for them, choosing Good Neighbors over Goodwill.

A Day In the Life of Ellen Finn

Only a few of you have met Ellen Finn. She visited me in Maryland about six years ago, and Good Neighbors put on a Quarter Auction to raise money for a clinic on the Honduran/Guatemalan border.

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