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Happy Easter! We hope you have safely enjoyed the day. The holiday falls early in our Earth Month celebration, limiting our ability to get advance word to you about how to make Easter eco-friendly. Maybe next year?! (Hint: think naturally dying eggs, making basket grass out of shredded paper, using baskets you already have or acquiring them second hand) For now, think about cleaning up the day in an eco-friendly way:

  • Save your plastic eggs and use them again year after year! Don’t add these kid-favorites to single-use waste. Put them away to use again (and again, and again)
  • Recycle the foil from those chocolate bunnies and eggs! Yes, aluminum foil is recyclable. (Ok, you might have to bundle or wad the foil together to get it to be sizable enough for the machinery at recycling centers to do their magic.)
  • Compost egg shells!

Here’s the bigger message: we encourage you to look at your traditions and every-day actions in environmentally, sustainable ways. Thank you for trying! A small step by each of us adds up to quite a feat!

Zero Waste Easter Ideas

  • Ditch Easter plastic grass and grow real grass
  • Avoid Plastic-wrapped Easter baskets
  • Fill baskets with Easter eggs with package free goodies
  • Invest in fillable cloth or wooden eggs
  • Reuse old plastic eggs from last year
  • Buy local eggs for coloring
  • Use plants to color Easter eggs instead of artificial dyes
  • Prepare and Easter egg feast using locally sourced food
  • Use silverware instead of disposables



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