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We often refer to the 3 Rs of environmental awareness. Here’s a look at “Reducing” and “Reusing”. To “Reduce,” replace single use items with Reusables!

Sure, plastic baggies and paper towels are convenient. But here’s another way: This is Nina's Flying Needle

Nina's Flying Needle specializes in practical and fun reusables to help you ditch single use plastics to live a more sustainable life. Their fully (Consumer Product Safety Commission) CPSC compliant products have been tried and tested to keep up with your busy lifestyle while protecting our planet.

Plastic items do not go away; they simply break down into increasingly smaller pieces called microplastics. Plastic fragments can release toxic chemicals into the environment and can be a serious health risk for humans and animals. Intact plastic items such as plastic bags and straws can choke, suffocate, starve and drown wildlife.

Change does not need to be dramatic to have a tremendous impact. Start with one change and commit to it!

Here are a few easy steps toward that goal:

  • When shopping at ANY store, use reusable bags.
  • Bring plastic bags, baggies or plastic packaging and recycle them there.
  • Replace one thing you usually use with a re-usable version: a produce bag, snack bags, paper towels, straws, water bottles.

A final word from Nina Wolfe: We hope to change minds and raise awareness - change is possible. We all just need to start somewhere.



April 5, 2021 All Day(GMT-04:00)

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