Week 3: "Plogging"

The Problem


You’re out for a walk or a jog, and you see trash on the trail or roadside. Besides being ugly, it could end up in the stormwater.

The Solution: “Plogging”


Plogging is a movement that began in Sweden. Plogging combines the Swedish term for pick up (plocka upp) with the Swedish word for jog (jogga).

  1. Next time you go out for a walk or jog, bring a bag. Pick up trash along the way. You’ll be adding bending, squatting and stretching to your run, hike or walk, as well as helping the environment and making the area look better for yourself and the next person.
  2. Take a photo of what you’ve collected and share it with us by email or on social media.

Keep sending us your photos or post them on social media and tag Good Neighbors Group!

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